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Tired of the Training Method Roulette?
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You will discover:
  • Why seeing certain items can get a dog excited
  • How your dog might misinterpret the reason for a reward
  • ​The equivalent human ways of learning
  • ​Two criteria dogs use to judge the world around them
  • ​Why traits such as stubborn or naughty don’t apply to dogs

Understand exactly why your training attempts succeeded or failed

If you own a large breed then you know that bad behaviors can become a serious issue.

You’ve probably tried teaching them not to jump up to say hello, pull on leads or chew on things. Yet the advice often fails, leading to frustration and a feeling of hopelessness.

Maybe you seek out more training advice, but they all seem like random advice that might just fail yet again.

Understand how your dog is interpreting your actions

All dogs, from tiny terriers to massive mastiffs, are creatures with a simple way of viewing the world.

We’ve deciphered those ways of thinking so you can judge whether a piece of training advice is likely to work. You’ll be able to see whether it fits with the two core training mechanisms and the details that decide whether it will succeed.

With this knowledge, you will see why force and punishments aren’t needed for training good behavior. Instead, you can train your dog through positive reinforcement and even identify when you might be accidentally encouraging bad behavior. 

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